is hp pavilion 15 good for gaming?

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Suppose you are looking to buy a good gaming laptop within a mid-range budget. And you are confused that HP Pavilion 15 good for gaming? Then you read this blog till the end, and All your doubts will be cleared.

Is HP Pavilion 15 good for gaming?

hp pavilion 15 comes with Intel i5 12th gen processor and integrated IRIS xe graphics. So this laptop can play games like GTA 5, CS GO, Valorant, PubG Mobile, Minecraft, and Free Fire.  But this laptop does not have any dedicated graphics card so hard-core gaming is not possible on this laptop. This laptop is a good option for students and office workers.

HP Pavilion 15 laptop can run GTA 5 very well. If you play this game Full HD medium setting you can get 50 to 60 fps and if you play Full HD high setting you can get 35 to 40 fps. In this laptop GTA 5 gameplay without any lag.

This laptop can play Valorant game 1080p high setting  90 to 100 fps. and triple A series all games are run 1080p low to medium setting.

You can run pubg mobile games on this laptop. Pubg mobile HDR ultra setting can play 80 to 90 fps. If you play pubg mobile on this laptop, you get a smooth experience.

On this laptop, You can play Minecraft full HD resolution 100+ FPS very beautifully.

This laptop can run free fire games 1080p high graphics 80 to 90 fps. You can play free-fire games without any lag.

Can HP Pavilion 15 run GTA 5?

 HP Pavilion 15 is a good laptop for casual gaming, this laptop can run GTA 5 game 1080p medium to high setting. in this laptop, you run GTA 5 medium setting get 50 to 60 fps and high setting get 35 to 40 fps. play GTA 5 game on this laptop you can get 3 to 4 hours of battery backup. but this laptop does not have a dedicated graphics card. So this laptop is not possible to do hard-core gaming.

What games can I play on HP Pavilion 15?

HP Pavilion 15 series laptop is good for students and working professionals. this laptop is able to do 1080p  low to medium-setting gaming. the laptop can easily play low graphics recruitment games like GTA 5, pubg mobile, Minecraft CS GO and Valorant. But this laptop doesn’t come with a dedicated graphics card, so can’t run high graphics requirements modern games like FARCRYS, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2, HITMAN 3, ASSASSINS CREED VALHALLA, FORZA HORIZON 4, TOMB RAIDER.

is HP Pavilion 15 a good laptop?

Yes, HP Pavilion 15 is a good laptop for students and office workers. Because you can do coding, programming, web browsing, video conferences, project assignments and multitasking on this laptop easily.  And this laptop’s belt quality and battery backup are very nice. But not a good option for gaming, streaming, video editing and 3D designs.

Is HP Pavilion 15 worth buying?

HP Pavilion 15 ( i5 12th gen ) comes in a budget of Rs 60000 to 65000.  This laptop is worth buying for school and college students and working professionals.  But not worth buying for gamer video editor graphics designer and high graphics requirement work.  Because this laptop does not have a dedicated graphics card.


I think HP Pavilion 15 is not a good option for hard-core gaming. but you can play some low graphics requirement games for casual gaming. But this laptop is good for school college students and working professionals.  Through this article we have tried to present all the information about HP Pavilion 15 laptop in detail.  Also, if you have any doubts, let us know through comments, and share the article with your friends.

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